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You may be aware that Vanita Vishram is a 111 year old Institution, dedicated to promotion of women’s development and empowerment through education. This “only for women” organization runs a number of academic institutions that ranges from Kindergarten to Post Graduate courses both in English and Gujarati medium, on ‘no-profit’ basis. It caters to the academic needs of middle and low socio economic strata of the society. Today its student strength is more than 12500 and it employs more than 300 teachers. It has a well appointed and fully secured hostel for 300students

દ્રષ્ટિ: વનિતા વિશ્રામ સ્કુલ ઓફ નર્સિંગની મુખ્ય દ્રષ્ટિ “ ઉદારતા અને જવાબદારીપૂર્વક સેવા આપી શકે તે રીતે પરિચારિકાઓને તાલીમ આપવી.”

ધ્યેય / લક્ષ્ય: નિપૂર્ણ પરિચારિકા તૈયાર કરવા જે શ્રેષ્ઠતા, સેવા, પ્રમાણીકતા, સશક્તિકરણ અને પ્રતિબધ્ધતાના મૂલ્યમા પ્રવેશ કરશે. સંભાળયુક્ત વાતાવરણ પૂરૂં પાડવું જેના દ્વારા ગુણાત્મક અને સારું શિક્ષણ આપી શકાય.

કોર્ષ: ઓક્ઝીલરી નર્સ મિડવાઈફ(ANM)

સમયગાળો: ૨ વર્ષ

પાત્રતા: પ્રવેશ માટેનું વર્ષ ૩૧મી ડિસેમ્બરના રોજ અથવા તે પહેલા ૧૭-૩૫ વર્ષ વચ્ચેના વયના હોવા જોઈએ.  ૧૦+૨ પાસ.

કોર્ષ: જનરલ નર્સિંગ એન્ડ મીડવાઈફરી (GNM)

સમયગાળો: ૩ વર્ષ

પાત્રતા: પ્રવેશ માટેનું વર્ષ ૩૧મી ડિસેમ્બરના રોજ અથવા તે પહેલા ૧૭-૩૫ વર્ષ વચ્ચેના વયના હોવા જોઈએ. ૧૦+૨ પાસ અંગેજી વિષય સાથે એકંદરે ઓપન કેટેગરી માટે ૪૦%  અને Sc/ST/SEBC માટે ૩૫%

Ms. Roma Y. Christian

Vanita Vishram School of Nursing is one of the Institutions, dedicated to Leadership, Social Welfare, and excellence through quality education. Nursing School is a well-maintained campus situated in a spacious, clean and secure ambiance. Vanita Vishram School of Nursing was established in 2011. Nursing School is recognized by Indian Nursing Council Delhi, Gujarat Nursing Council Ahmedabad & Gujarat Government. At present we offer two Programmes (1) ANM – a 2 years course and (2) GNM – a 3 years course. We are affiliated with Surat Municipal Corporation hospitals namely SMIMER & Maskati. These courses aim to meet the need of the community. The Institute is committed to improving the standards of nursing education; we will continue to build the history of providing outstanding nursing education and care to the community.

The professional nurse provides holistic care with compassion, empathy and respect for clients dignity while educating them to achieve. The maximum level of health. Students are also participating in those activities contributing to prevention of illness and promotion of health. Therefore it is necessary to educate nurse in the context of sound educational principles. As a science nursing is based on scientific knowledge which is ever changing. The opportunities for a nurse are varied and limitless. A new professional nurse may choose between clinical practice, education, management, administration research, occupational and industrial nursing.

Teaching Staff
Non-Teaching Staff


  • Patel Nayana Arvindbhai of Vanita Vishram School of Nursing Stood Third  Securing 625 marks out of 800 in First Year ANM  in external subjects Exam conducted by Gujarat Nursing Council and is awarded by Mr Bhartbhai Shah Prize Rs.5000
  • First Year GNM student celebrate Anti Tobocco Day in Dihen Primary Health Centre at 31st May 2019
  • Third  Year GNM student celebrate Breast Feeding Week in Smimer Hospital.
  • During the student in their community posting, people were explained about “Swachchha Bharat Abhiyan”
  • 111 year Celebrations were Organized by Vanita Vishram Institute.
  • Indian Nursing Council  Enhance 10 Seats in ANM Course.

Class Rooms : There are Six spacious audio visual Modern design classroom.

Laboratory: The Institute has provided all the required Laboratories Well equipped with Modern Equipment and Instruments for various subject of Nursing course.

At present the following laboratories are available in the school

  • Nursing Foundation & Advance Nursing Skill Lab.
  • Pre-Clinical Science Lab.
  • Nutrition
  • Community Health Nursing
  • MCH (Maternal & Child Health) with Pediatric Lab.
  • Computer Lab.

Library: The specious and well equipped library bouts of a Voluminous collection of books and journals Hostel

Transport Facility : The Institutional have Two School bus available for students to provide practical exposure in the hospital

Clinical Experience: The Institute has the permission in Clinical Practice in Various Hospital of the surat as well as rural and Urban area.

Coaching for English Language and Computer Proficiency

Safe & Secured hostel facility inside the campus and Ragging free Campus.

Excellent Mess

Field Activities
Education Visit


Demonstrative Activities
Medical Camp
Day's Celebration



Phone No.: 0261-2300227/228

E-Mail ID: vvnursing2011@yhaoo.co.in