Needy women gifted with cooking talent are employed & trained for preparing tasty & nutritious nastas. The revenue generated from nasta sale is contributed for encouraging women empowerment programmes. Thus, the overall institutional policy is to bring improvement in the livelihood Of needy women & to augment self sustainable in the society at large.

Quality Assurance:

  • Food Safety & Standard license holder & registered with no. 20712021003928.
  • Nastas are prepared under supervision & guidance of Food & Nutrition (F&N) Dept of Sheth P. T. Mahila College of Arts & Home Science (SPTMC).
  • Monthly assessment of quality, taste & check nutritional value of nastas is done by F&N dept of SPTMC.

Hygiene Practices:

  • Staff members covers their hairs with cap & uses hand cloves where blending & mixing with hands is done.
  • They always remain presentable with apron to serve readily anytime.
  • They are medically tested & certified without any skin disorder.
  • Regularly kitchen is treated with pest control.